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Order To Watch All The Anime In The Common Century Timeline


Anybody who’s ever watched a Gundam collection would keep in mind that the “unique” Gundam collection takes place inside the Common Century timeline, the place house colonies underneath the Principality of Zeon have declared battle in opposition to the Earth Federation. And with the Earth Federation on the shedding aspect, they unleash their secret weapon: a prototype piloted robotic named the RX-78 Gundam to battle again.

The Common Century timeline popularly depicts the rivalry between Earth Federation’s Amuro Ray and the mysterious masked Char Aznable, and the way their separate beliefs create an indelible impression to the way forward for the battle. Nevertheless, the Common Century timeline additionally spawned a number of collection, motion pictures, and miniseries to accompany its setting. It additionally doesn’t assist that the upcoming Gundam: The Witch From Mercury nonetheless doesn’t have a longtime premise, which means it could additionally happen inside the similar timeline. For newcomers to the franchise, what’s the greatest viewing order for the Common Century?

Up to date on November 26, 2023 by Rhenn Taguiam: With Gundam Construct Metaverse celebrating the forty fifth Anniversary of the extremely acclaimed mecha franchise, newcomers to the Gundam collection and Gunpla tradition is likely to be questioning why the likes of the reworking Zeta Gundam, a customized Pink Zaku, and the RX-78 Gundam stay iconic staples throughout celebratory media. Nevertheless, with a purpose to absolutely grasp these mecha’s significance within the franchise, Gundam viewers have to go not simply way back to 1979’s unique Cell Swimsuit Gundam, however its sequels within the Common Century Timeline.


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17 Cell Swimsuit Gundam (TV Sequence, 1979)

UC 0079

Mobile Suit Gundam

Launch Interval April 7, 1979 – January 26, 1980
Quantity Of Episodes 43
Studio Nippon Dawn

Whereas there are arguably different media that occurred previous to the occasions of the unique Gundam collection, one of the best ways to begin the Common Century timeline is with the anime that began all of it. Occasions of the anime happen throughout the historic One-Yr Warfare between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon.

Whereas the house colonies are gaining the higher hand, the Earth Federation unveils its experimental RX-78 Gundam cellular go well with that leads to the arms of a civilian pilot. This younger pilot, Amuro Ray, would grow to be instrumental within the Earth Federation’s battle efforts, and would pique the curiosity of Char Aznable, ace pilot of the Principality.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Maybe the “core” story within the Common Century Timeline, Cell Swimsuit Gundam encapsulates the sheer gravity of the One Yr Warfare to its inhabitants. The preliminary rivalry between teen Amuro Ray and Char Aznable as “aces” of their respective factions ultimately reveal their motivations within the battle, and the escalation of the Warfare’s occasions culminate into revelations of each the Earth Federation and Principality of Zeon’s true stakes and motivations within the battle.

16 The Origin (OVA, 2015)

UC 0068 – UC 0079

The Origin

Launch Interval February 28, 2015
Quantity Of Episodes 7
Studio Dawn

With the backdrop of the unique Gundam collection serving as vital contextual materials, followers might start understanding the inside workings of the Principality of Zeon via its origins. Viewers can deep dive into these developments primarily via Cell Swimsuit Gundam: The Origin, which adapts Volumes 9 to 12 of the manga of the identical identify.

Its story provides a visible tackle the transformation of the Autonomous Republic of Munzo into the Principality of Zeon after the deaths of influential historic figures. The OVA additionally highlights the improvement of the primary cellular fits and the preliminary battles of the One Yr Warfare.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Regardless of The Origin being the story of Char Aznable’s origins as Casval Rem Deikun, the prequel turns into a major a part of the Common Century Timeline in its revelation of occasions that will ultimately grow to be the One Yr Warfare. Due to The Origin, the stunning reveal of Char because the son of the unique Zeon Republic’s founder in Cell Swimsuit Gundam has grow to be impactful after watching the preliminary collection.

15 Introduction Of The Pink Comet (Anime, 2019)

UC 0068 – UC 0079

Advent of the Red Comet

Launch Interval April 29, 2019 – August 12, 2019
Quantity Of Episodes 13
Studio Dawn

It’s due to Char Aznable that the Gundam franchise developed one among its most iconic tropes: the masked antagonist. Nevertheless, his transformation right into a trope isn’t simply due to his iconic look but additionally due to his tragic story.

That is one thing highlighted by Cell Swimsuit Gundam: Introduction Of The Pink Comet, which narrates not simply Char’s transformation into the Pink Comet, but additionally his perspective on the formation of the Principality of Zeon and his publicity to different well-known aces.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Whereas Introduction of the Pink Comet is basically The Origin recompiled to suit a tv collection format, Gundam followers might need to view Introduction as a “prequel anime” from a manufacturing standpoint and never as mere occasions up to now of Cell Swimsuit Gundam. This lively change of perspective provides an episodic profile-esque format to Char’s previous as Casval earlier than persevering with into the battle documentation of the One Yr Warfare as depicted in Cell Swimsuit Gundam.

14 The 08th MS Group (OVA, 1996-1999)

UC 0079

The 08th MS Team

Launch Interval January 25, 1996 – July 25, 1999
Quantity Of Episodes 14
Studio Dawn

Whereas the unique Gundam collection largely narrated the occasions of the One-Yr Warfare, a few of its “smaller” skirmishes have been the “greatest” battles within the lives of some individuals. Such was the case of Cell Swimsuit Gundam: The 08th MS Group.

Set in Southeast Asia throughout the One-Yr Warfare, two star-crossed lovers find yourself in the course of the crossfire, as Zeon banks on Aina Sahalin and the Apsaras Challenge to safe victory for the area whereas the Earth Federation depends on Ensign Shiro Amada to achieve the realm’s seize. The 2 should select between themselves and their respective sides.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Whereas the occasions of the 08th MS Group is smaller in scale from Amuro’s participation within the One Yr Warfare, the anime’s occasions encapsulate the little particulars within the sidelines that contribute to the general battle effort. The OVA depicting the Principality of Zeon testing its new Asparas Challenge to create new cellular armors is much like the Earth Federation’s Challenge V that gave rise to the Gundams.

13 MS IGLOO (OVA Sequence, 2004-2008)

UC 0079


Launch Interval July 19, 2004 – April 24, 2009
Quantity Of Episodes 9 (3 per set)
Studio Dawn

It’s maybe wartime that might power numerous events to begin growing weapons and grow to be determined to achieve the higher hand, and precisely the identical factor occurred throughout Gundam’s One-Yr Warfare. As narrated within the MS IGLOO OVA collection, each the Principality of Zeon and Earth Federation approached the Warfare from differing factors of view. Within the first two movies (The Hidden One Yr Warfare, Apocalypse 0079), the previous civilian cargo ship Jotunheim was commissioned by the Principality to check new weapons.


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In the meantime, the third movie (IGLOO 2: The Gravity Entrance) reveals the Earth Federation’s try in forcing Zeon troopers again to their territory. All three movies showcased quite a few smaller battles as depicted within the unique anime, this time from the angle of different troopers.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Zeon researching cellular armors in 08th MS Group establishes additional R&D efforts on either side to achieve the higher hand, with extra of the battle’s hidden tragedies revealed additional within the MS IGLOO OVA collection. MS IGLOO additionally confirmed makes an attempt of either side to create game-changing battle applied sciences such because the Hidolfr tank, the Jormungand Cannon, and prototype cellular fits (the Ze’Gok, Oggo, Large Rang, and Zudah).

12 0080: Warfare In The Pocket (OVA, 1989)

UC 0079 – 0080

0080 War in the Pocket

Launch Interval March 25, 1989 – August 25, 1989
Quantity Of Episodes 6
Studio Dawn

Whereas OVAs will not be new to the Gundam collection, it’s Cell Swimsuit Gundam 0080: Warfare In The Pocket that could be a first for the franchise. Within the context of the story, Warfare In The Pocket takes place in December UC0079, the place an experimental Earth Federation Gundam has escaped the clutches of the elite Zeon MS Cyclops Group and Zeon Intelligence.

And when the Gundam seems and appears to have “transformed” impartial house colony Aspect 6 to Federation aspect, Zeon threatens a nuclear strike except their commando destroys the Gundam. What’s maybe harsh about this collection is that the OVA occurs from the angle of a 10-year-old boy.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Whereas Warfare within the Pocket showcases a smaller and extra private story within the One Yr Warfare, the OVA is maybe one of many few Gundam anime to indicate the horrific actuality of the Common Century’s grandest battle from the eyes of not simply its 10-year-old protagonist but additionally the individuals round him. Earlier than viewers enterprise additional into the aftermath of the One Yr Warfare, seeing an alternate viewpoint from the eyes of each non-combatants and personnel on the sidelines provides much-needed weight to the battle.

11 Thunderbolt (Anime, 2015)

UC 0079 (Non-Canonical)


Launch Interval December 25, 2015 – July 14, 2017
Quantity Of Episodes 8
Studio Dawn

Set as soon as extra within the One-Yr Warfare, Cell Swimsuit Gundam Thunderbolt depicts the consequences of the Warfare on the “Thunderbolt Sector” within the former Aspect 4 Colony. It stars Io Fleming, ace Federation pilot and jazz fanatic, as he turns into the face behind Gundam prototypes that the Earth Federation hopes might change the tides of battle.

Its second season happens simply eight months after the One-Yr Warfare, the place post-war turmoil and Zeon remnants start shattering the peace.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Though non-canonical to the unique story, Thunderbolt stays an integral look into the angle of house conflicts within the early days of Gundam anime. Its story depicts the efforts of warring forces to safe provide routes, this time within the type of the Thunderbolt Sector of destroyed colonies. Seeing separate divisions from each the Earth Federation (Moore Brotherhood) and the Principality of Zeon (Residing Useless Division) wrestle management over this space whereas the One Yr Warfare rages on is symbolic to how even the “smallest” areas can have an effect on the larger battle effort.

10 0083: Stardust Reminiscence (OVA, 1991)

UC 0083

0083 Stardust Memory

Launch Interval Could 23, 1991 – September 24, 1992
Quantity Of Episodes 13
Studio Dawn

Set as each a sequel to Gundam and prequel to Zeta Gundam, Cell Swimsuit Gundam 0083: Stardust Reminiscence takes place in UC0083 when Zeon intelligence discovers a prototype Gundam able to nuclear assault being developed in Anaheim Electronics. After Zeon captures the unit as part of Operation Stardust, the Earth Federation deploys the MS service Albion to pursue the mentioned Gundam.

Starring younger take a look at pilot Kou Uraki, he will get embroiled within the occasions of Operation Stardust, and it’s via his involvement that its true goal is revealed. The OVA ends within the creation of the Titans, the Federation-sanctioned anti-Zeon forces, who may also grow to be the principle antagonists of Zeta Gundam.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Followers searching for the rapid aftermath of the One Yr Warfare can watch 0083: Stardust Reminiscence for a glimpse of the clandestine “Operation Stardust” that pit the increasingly-tyrannical Earth Federation in opposition to the Delaz Fleet of the Zeon Remnants. Information would ultimately name this the Delaz Battle, starting with the theft of an experimental Gundam belonging to Anaheim Electronics’ secret Gundam Growth Challenge (GP Challenge) and ending with a colony drop that devastated North America. Past this horrific incident, a portion of the info in regards to the GP Challenge have been revealed to the general public in UC 0099, explaining the “hole” between the first-gen cellular fits of Cell Swimsuit Gundam and the subsequent technology in Zeta Gundam.

9 Zeta Gundam (Anime, 1985)

UC 0087

Zeta Gundam

Launch Interval March 2, 1985 – February 22, 1986
Quantity Of Episodes 50
Studio Dawn

When the Earth Federation’s Titans grow to be overzealous of their hunt of Zeon remnants, Kamille Bidan turns into orphaned after his dad and mom are killed in a Titan assault. He’s taken in and skilled by Quattro Bajeena to grow to be a pilot for the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG), a resistance motion particularly in opposition to the Titans.

Cell Swimsuit Zeta Gundam begins as Quattro and the AEUG infiltrate a Titans base and procure the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II, which turns into Kamille’s major machine. Due to his intelligence and engineering experience, he designs the Mk-II’s successor, the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

The Gryps Warfare slowly unveiled the hidden corruption inside the Earth Federation, notably inside its Titans faction that the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) vehemently opposed. They have been ultimately joined by Earth-based Karaba who additionally hated the Titans, and met an enemy within the Zeon remnants of Axis Zeon. Occasions within the Gryps Warfare have been essential within the eventual revelation of the Titans’ oppressive nature, and the gradual rise of Axis Zeon as a world energy regardless of inner politicking.

8 Gundam ZZ (Anime, 1986)

UC 0088

Gundam ZZ

Launch Interval March 1, 1986 – January 31, 1987
Quantity Of Episodes 47
Studio Dawn

By the tip of Zeta Gundam, the AEUG and the battleship Argama’s work isn’t finished but as they should cease the forces of Neo Zeon from beginning one other battle once more. To make this occur, Captain Shiny Noa recruits a gaggle of teenage junk collectors to pilot the Argama’s cellular fits.

Led by the conceited Newtype Judau Ashta, this “Gundam Group” is comprised of iconic cellular fits such because the MSZ-010 Double Zeta Gundam, and returning fits such because the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam, the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II, and the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki.

Impression In The Common Century Timeline

When Haman Karn led Axis Zeon of their “reclamation” of Earth, she renamed the group Neo Zeon within the hopes of restoring glory to the Principality. This resulted within the First Neo Zeon Warfare, the place the few numbers of Neo Zeon used their technologically-advanced Newtype-empowered Psycommu cellular fits in opposition to the inferior however quite a few mass-production fits of the Earth Federation. Caught on a harmful nook is the remnants of the AEUG, as they solely had the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam as their ace within the gap.

7 Char’s Counterattack (OVA, 1988)

UC 0093

Char's Counterattack

Launch Interval March 12, 1988
Quantity Of Episodes
Studio Dawn

Serving because the end result of the unique Gundam storyline, Cell Swimsuit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack lastly settles the rivalry between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable and in addition marks the formal finish of the battle between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon.

All of those occasions occur because the backdrop of a central battle, the place Char, now the top of Neo Zeon, has organized to drop an asteroid on the planet whereas a particular job power composed of ace pilots like Amuro Ray and Shiny Noa try and cease this from occurring.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

After Quattro Bajeena resurfaces as Char Aznable after the First Neo Zeon Warfare, he establishes New child Neo Zeon and declares battle in opposition to the Earth Federation. This declaration formally begins the Second Neo Zeon Warfare, the place Char will intentionally push humanity on a path in the direction of evolution by dropping the asteroid Axis on Earth. If profitable, Char’s plans would have mankind compelled to inhabit house colonies or else danger dying within the ensuing nuclear winter. His plans have been ultimately thwarted by the Earth Federation’s Londo Bell job power, culminating in a climactic battle between Char and long-time rival Amuro Ray.

6 Gundam Unicorn (OVA, 2010)

UC 0001, UC 0096

Gundam Unicorn

Launch Interval March 12, 2010 – June 6, 2014
Quantity Of Episodes 7
Studio Dawn

Primarily based on the novel of the identical identify, Cell Swimsuit: Gundam Unicorn formally chronicles occasions three years after Char’s Counterattack, the place civilian Banagher Hyperlinks turns into embroiled in an ages-old conspiracy after an surprising assembly with the younger Audrey Burne.


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By means of the eponymous cellular go well with Gundam Unicorn, Banagher and his mates quickly unravel the true nature of the occasions of the Laplace terror incident, a terrorist assault that occurred in UC 0001 at the beginning of human house colonization.

Impression In The Common Century Timeline

With the “defeat” of Char’s New child Neo Zeon nonetheless contemporary for either side, two new teams from each the Earth Federation and Neo Zeon would as soon as once more have interaction in battle. Central to the Laplace Incident is the Laplace’s Field and its “key,” the Unicorn Gundam. “Laplace’s Field” takes its identify from the Laplace House Colony the place the Frequent Period ended and launched the Common Century. All through the battle between the Sleeves of New child Neo Zeo and Londo Bell of the Federation, it’s revealed that the Laplace’s Field contained the “unique” copy of the UC Constitution that declared house colonies having extra autonomy than what was initially implied.

5 Gundam Twilight Axis (ONA, 2017)

UC 0096

Gundam Twilight Axis

Launch Interval June 23, 2017 – September 1, 2017
Quantity Of Episodes 6
Studio Dawn

Serving extra of a aspect story, Cell Swimsuit Gundam: Twilight Axis takes place within the late UC0096, the place the Earth Federation has organized the Mastema spec-ops staff to additional research the character of the “psycho-frame” as a menace. Below the management of Lieutenant JG Mehmet Merca, Mastema is to enter the shattered asteroid Axis and examine its stays.

Nevertheless, the Mastema quickly comes underneath assault by a new Gundam mannequin, all of the whereas Mastema member and former Zeon engineer Arlette Almage appears to have an agenda of her personal.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Occasions in Gundam Twilight Axis resume the behind-the-scenes implications of Gundam Unicorm’s occasions. The introduction of the RX-0 items closely implied the continuation of supposed-disbanded analysis on utilizing harmful Psycommu-based Psycho-Frames. In consequence, each the Earth Federation and remnants of the Principality agreed to dismantle the RX-0 items and finish Psycho-Body analysis.

4 Gundam Narrative (OVA, 2018)

UC 0097

Gundam Narrative

Launch Interval November 30, 2018
Quantity Of Episodes 1 (Movie)
Studio Dawn

Going down a yr after the occasions of Unicorn, Cell Swimsuit Gundam Narrative takes place simply after the historic “Laplace’s Field” has been lastly opened. As revealed in Unicorn, this could lastly reveal the previously-discarded a part of the Common Century Constitution that acknowledges each the existence and rights of Newtypes, who have been discriminated in opposition to within the unique collection.

Nevertheless, whereas psycho-frame cellular fits RX-0 Unicorn Gundam and RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 2 Banshee have been hidden away, the relative peace on Earth will likely be disrupted by the looks of a 3rd mannequin, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Shortly after the invention of the Laplace’s Field’s contents, Earth has had little time to know the total extent of the Common Century Constitution’s unique recognition of house colony autonomy and rights of Newtypes. The emergence of the RX-03 Gundam Phenex forces each the Earth Federation and the Repubic of Zeon to launch impartial efforts to seize the rogue unit, with the Earth Federation’s Luio & Co. taking the cost of their initiative with the RX-9 Narrative Gundam.

3 Gundam Hathaway (OVA, 2021)

UC 0105


Launch Interval June 11, 2011
Quantity Of Episodes 1 (OVA)
Studio Dawn

Set greater than a decade after the second Neon Zeon Warfare in Char’s Revolt and the Axis Shock in Twilight Axis, Cell Swimsuit Gundam Hathaway reveals a establishment of chaos that the Earth Federation navy, regardless of rising corruption, is desperately making an attempt to take care of. Resulting from this, an anti-Federation group merely known as “Mafty” gained prominence.

Led by Mafty Navue Erin, the group took a stand in opposition to the Federation’s corruption, resorting to means reminiscent of assassinations and terrorism. It’s led by Hathaway Noa, the son of well-known Earth Federation officer Shiny Noa.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Mismanagement in each Earth and its colonies led to worsening air pollution, in addition to Man Hunts the place unlawful Federation inhabitants on Earth are forcibly detained in house. This led to the creation of Mafty, the anti-Federation group whose most important objective is to take a stand in opposition to the corruption of the Earth Federation. Regardless of acts of terrorism, assassination, and violence, Mafty has slowly gained help from the final populace.

The revelation that the person behind Mafty’s chief Mafty Navue Erin is definitely the son of Amuro Ray’s companion Shiny Noa will power a comparability between the philosophies of Amuro, Char Aznable, and their respective factions’ One Yr Warfare ideologies.

2 Gundam F91 (OVA, 1991)

UC 0123

Gundam F91

Launch Interval March 16, 1991
Quantity Of Episodes 1 (Movie)
Studio Dawn

Going down three a long time after Char’s Counterattack, the Earth Federation has begun creating new house colonies to accommodate the rising human inhabitants. Sadly, the corrupt Crossbone Vanguard seized this inhabitants as a chance to grab numerous colonies to create an extraterrestrial empire.

Much like different collection, Cell Swimsuit Gundam F91 begins as pilot Seabook Arno will get concerned within the crossfire as he’s tasked to pilot the Gundam F91 to make sure that the colonies are saved from the wrath of the Crossbone Vanguard militia.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

Established as an try and create a brand new Gundam saga inside the Common Century timeline, Gundam F91 introduces a brand new impartial faction named the Crossbone Vanguard which makes an attempt to create the Cosmo Babylonia aristocracy among the many Earth Federation’s latest house colonies. Whereas any remnants of the Principality of Zeon are absent within the movie, the plan to determine Cosmo Babylonia is much like pre-One Yr Plans of making the Republic of Zeon as an entity separate to the Earth Federation.

1 Victory Gundam (Anime, 1993)

UC 0153

Victory Gundam

Launch Interval April 2, 1993 – March 25, 1994
Quantity Of Episodes 51
Studio Dawn

Serving as the ultimate anime of the Common Century timeline, Cell Swimsuit Victory Gundam takes place simply years after the occasions of Gundam F91. Because of the battle in opposition to the Crossbone Vanguard weakening the Earth Federation, the spaceborne Zanscare Empire’s BESPA Forces has begun its offensive within the hopes of taking the Earth Sphere for themselves.

The one staff that stands of their means is the League Militaire, they usually have the Victory Gundam as their ace within the gap of their efforts to defeat the BESPA Forces.

Impression on The Common Century Timeline

With the invasion of the spacefaring Zanscare Empire of Aspect 2 taking the Earth Sphere without warning in Victory Gundam, the Earth Federation suffers a extreme financial disaster that results in the creation of the League Militaire as one of many few factions opposing the brand new regime. Of their efforts to show the battle of their favor, the League Militaire and sponsors from Anaheim Electronics created he “Victory Challenge,” resulting in the creation of the LM312V04 Victory Gundam and their mass-produced LM111E02 Gun-EZ.

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