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Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika’s Greatest Mates



  • Kurapika seeks revenge on the Phantom Troupe for the killing of his folks, and plenty of pals assist him on his journey.
  • Izunavi turns into Kurapika’s Nen instructor to assist him develop his talents and take down the Phantom Troupe.
  • Killua, Gon, Leorio, and Melody are Kurapika’s closest allies who stand by him in his mission to avenge his folks.

Within the famed anime and manga Hunter X Hunter, Kurapika is among the 4 predominant protagonists, alongside Gon, Killua, and Leorio. Ever for the reason that 4 met on the Hunter examination, the group has progressed collectively by the Hunter world, striving to develop into stronger to achieve their objectives.


Hunter x Hunter: Gon’s Greatest Mates, Ranked

Gon’s open-hearted nature sees him making a great deal of pals, however solely a handful of them are there when he wants them most.

Relating to the objectives of the 4 protagonists, Kurapika differs from the remaining, as Kurapika seeks revenge on the Phantom Troupe for the killing of his folks. Alongside the way in which, Kurapika makes loads of pals whereas attempting to avenge his comrades, with many eager on serving to Kurapika, regardless of the price.

8 Squala

Fellow Nostrade Bodyguard Alongside Kurapika

Squala in Hunter x Hunter

  • Debut: Anime Episode 39/Manga Chapter 67

Squala and Kurapika first meet as a part of the Nostrade household’s recruitment of latest bodyguards. Throughout the trial, Kurapika identifies Squala because the infiltrator among the many group, with Squala already an current bodyguard for the Nostrade household. As Kurapika’s affect grows within the Nostrade household, Squala begins to work beneath Kurapika’s lead as he develops his standing inside the well-known mafia household.

Earlier than Squala dies by the hands of Phantom Troupe members Nobunaga and Pakunoda, Squala acts defiant, and stays loyal to Kurapika and the Nostrade household in his ultimate moments.

7 Basho

Kurapika’s Haiku Writing Colleague

Basho in Hunter x Hunter

  • Debut: Anime Episode 39/Manga Chapter 67

Basho and Kurapika meet on the Nostrade household’s recruitment trial of latest bodyguards. Within the trial, the pair use their abilities to clear the check as they develop into part of the Nostrade household. As soon as within the household, Kurapika and Basho develop into helpful weapons as they give the impression of being to guard Mild and Neon Nostrade.

When Kurapika turns into a major pressure within the household after taking down Phantom Troupe member Uvogin utilizing Nen, Basho turns into a part of Kurapika’s trusted squad. Basho is later assigned the vital process of conserving Neon Nostrade secure from potential hazard by Kurapika.

6 Izunavi

Kurapika’s Nen Instructor

Izunavi with a hunter card in Hunter x Hunter

  • Debut: Anime Episode 30/Manga Chapter 83

When Kurapika fails to develop into an employed Hunter, Izunavi makes a idiot of Kurapika as he explains that Kurapika lacks the Nen talents wanted to be a Hunter. Consequently, Izunavi turns into Kurapika’s Nen instructor in order that Kurapika can develop into knowledgeable Hunter. With Kurapika’s ambitions of taking down the Phantom Troupe, Izunavi is conscious and anxious about Kurapika’s Nen chains and the risks imposed on Kurapika.


Hunter x Hunter: Killua’s Greatest Mates, Ranked

Killua’s chilly and reserved demeanor hasn’t stopped him from making a handful of very shut pals.

The Nen chain capability utilized by Kurapika happened because of Izunavi’s instructing about Nen and contracts. This gave Kurapika a lethal capability to make use of on the Phantom Troupe when the time got here.

5 Melody

Kurapika’s Closest Colleague

Melody in Hunter x Hunter

  • Debut: Anime Episode 39/Manga Chapter 67

When Kurapika joins the Nostrade household as a bodyguard, Melody joins Kurapika as a brand new member of the infamous mafia household. Kurapika and Melody develop into shut colleagues of their line of labor, with the pair relating to one another over shared trauma and previous experiences.

As a part of Kurapika’s plan to take down the Phantom Troupe alongside Gon, Killlua, and Leorio, Melody is introduced in to assist the group. Utilizing Melody’s heartbeat capability, the group stalked out the Phantom Troupe as Kurapika sought to avenge his folks.

4 Killua Zoldyck

Kurapika’s Highly effective Buddy

Killua battling in Hunter x Hunter

  • Debut: Anime Episode 3/Manga Chapter 6

When Killua and Kurapika first meet, the pair stay distant as Killua turns into prompt pals with the principle protagonist, Gon. As they spend extra time collectively by the Hunter examination, the pair’s bond grows, with Kurapika even being part of Killua’s rescue from the Zoldyck household property. When Kurapika goes on to face the Phantom Troupe, Killua, together with Gon and Leorio, involves Kurapika’s assist.

When Kurapika initially tries to cease Killua and Gon from serving to, Killua appeals to Kurapika on the cellphone. Killua states that their friendship is necessary and that Killua and Gon need to assist Kurapika along with his desired aim.

3 Gon Freecss

Kurapika’s Caring Buddy

Gon cheering in Hunter x Hunter

  • Debut: Anime Episode 1/Manga Chapter 1

Gon’s energetic and caring persona drew Kurapika in the direction of him, with Gon with the ability to cease Kurapika and Leorios’ hatred of one another early into their journey. All through the present, Kurapika is regularly amazed at Gon’s uncooked expertise and caring angle in the direction of others because the pair progress by the Hunter examination because of their wonderful teamwork.


Hunter x Hunter: Each Member Of The Phantom Troupe, Ranked By Power

The Phantom Troupe has some mind-bogglingly robust members however even among the many robust, there are those that are stronger.

When Kurapika takes on the Phantom Troupe, Gon is there to again up his good friend, even on the danger of his personal life. Despite the fact that Kurapika fails to assist Gon when on the verge of loss of life, Gon nonetheless cares about Kurapika as he progresses by the mafia world.

2 Leorio

Kurapika’s Closest Ally

Leorio drinking in Hunter x Hunter

  • Debut: Anime Episode 1/Manga Chapter 2

In Hunter X Hunter, Leorio is Kurapika’s closest good friend. The pair relate greater than Gon and Killua because of their comparable ages. When Kurapika and Leorio first meet, the pair come to blows, though Gon manages to rectify their relationship early on as they head for the Hunter examination. All through the present, Kurapika and Leorio stand aspect by aspect by a number of difficult conditions.

Within the Yorknew Metropolis arc, Leorio helps Kurapika in a second of want towards the Phantom Troupe, proving his friendship. As they acquire extra expertise as Hunters, the pair get into the Zodiacs as they proceed their blossoming friendship.

1 Pairo

Kurapika’s Greatest Buddy

Pairo in Hunter x Hunter

  • Debut: Anime Episode 58/Manga Chapter 117

Within the Hunter X Hunter universe, Pairo is Kurapika’s greatest good friend. Kurapika’s childhood good friend, Pairo was part of the Kurta clan alongside Kurapika earlier than being killed by the Phantom Troupe years earlier than the occasions of Hunter X Hunter. A few instances within the anime, Pairo is proven in flashbacks to remind Kurapika of his previous, along with his good friend’s loss of life weighing closely on his thoughts.

The character of Pairo is explored extra within the Hunter X Hunter Phantom Rouge movie, with Kurapika exhibiting nice take care of Pairo’s well-being regardless of turning out to be a puppet.

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