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How To Simply Get To Wave 50 Of The Simulacrum


The Simulacrum is a novel recreation mode added to Danger of Rain 2 as a part of the Survivors of the Void DLC alongside a entire host of recent gadgets and two new Survivors. With the Seekers of the Storm DLC effectively into growth, loads of gamers are returning to Danger of Rain 2 to shine their expertise once more and loads of persons are additionally attempting the sport out for the primary time. For individuals who are returning/beginning with none expertise with the content material within the Survivors of the Void DLC, the Simulacrum is vital.


Danger of Rain 2: All Void Gadgets Information

Void Gadgets generally is a bit complicated for anybody simply hopping into (or again into) Danger of Rain 2. So, let’s go over all of them and the way they work.

There are two methods to unlock the Void Fiend by the ‘Dragged Under’ Problem, one of many Survivors added on this DLC. That is carried out both by killing the Voidling (which could be very troublesome) or by attending to Wave 50 within the Simulacrum. Attending to Wave 50 within the Simulacrum is the simpler alternative by an extended shot, so let’s go over all the data anybody would wish to know to make getting there even simpler.

Simulacrum Overview

What This Mode Is & How It Works

Risk of Rain 2 - Void Fiend Character Info

First off, let’s go over a short overview of what the Simulacrum is. The Simulacrum is an alternate recreation mode in Danger of Rain 2 that primarily boils all the way down to an infinitely scaling wave-based survival mode. It has a novel menu possibility, a novel character choice menu, and works completely in another way than the bottom recreation does in virtually each approach.

Once you first begin a Simulacrum run, the Survivors spawn in a Void-touched variant of one of many principal seven phases in RoR2. Subsequent to the Survivors needs to be an Evaluation Focus that is ready to be interacted with. It ought to look mainly the identical because the Void Cells within the Void Fields. After interacting with the Evaluation Focus, the Wave begins, the barrier that retains the Void Fog expands, and enemies begin spawning. A set variety of enemies will spawn, and gamers might want to kill each single one earlier than the Wave ends. When it does finish, the Evaluation Focus will spit out Void Potentials (based mostly on the variety of gamers) that may have a alternative between 3 gadgets inside. After 10 seconds, the following Wave will begin, and that is the ‘principal’ gameplay loop of the Simulacrum.

Another core elements of the Simulacrum to know forward of time.

  • Each fifth Wave is a ‘Boss Wave’ that is more durable than the common Wave. After clearing it, gamers might want to observe the Evaluation Focus because it strikes to a brand new location.
  • After each tenth Wave, a portal will open that may take gamers to a brand new stage the place the following 10 waves will happen.
  • The Void Fog within the Simulacrum is far more vicious than the Void Fog within the Void Fields. It drains a proportion of the participant’s whole well being each second, with that harm ramping up the longer they keep within the fog. So, a participant that has 500 HP and one which has 5000 HP will survive about the identical period of time on the market.
  • There is not any ‘strict’ time restrict for clearing every wave, but when the final enemy within the wave spawns and 60 seconds move, the secure zone barrier will start to quickly shrink, so hold this in thoughts.

The Best Void Fiend Unlock Technique

Related To Any Survivor Problem, Utilizing The Drizzle Problem And Artifacts Can Trivialize Unlocks

Risk of Rain 2 - Picking Drizzle Difficulty And Artifacts

The best methodology by far to unlock the Void Fiend rapidly within the beloved roguelike that’s Danger of Rain 2 is through the use of the identical methodology that gamers who’ve hung out farming all of the Survivor Ability Challenges are most likely already acquainted with, utilizing Drizzle problem mixed with some particular Artifacts.

To elaborate, this implies setting the Simulacrum to the Drizzle Problem and utilizing Artifacts that arguably make the sport simpler, such because the Command, Glass (possibly), Kin, Sacrifice, and Swarms.

Common Simulacrum Suggestions & Methods For Making It To Wave 50

Do not Assume This Sport Mode Performs Simply Like The Default Sport Mode

Risk of Rain 2 - Void Fiend On Simulacrum Character Select Screen

If gamers are nonetheless struggling to succeed in Wave 50 even after placing these Artifacts on and setting it to Drizzle, there are some basic ideas to bear in mind. The following pointers will even assist those that wish to unlock the Void Fiend the extra ‘normal’ approach by taking part in Simulacrum on both Rainstorm or Monsoon with no Artifacts enabled. Lastly, the information themselves may be damaged down into 3 classes, fight ideas, ideas associated to gadgets, and particular Survivor ideas.

Fight Suggestions

Risk of Rain 2 - Gasoline And Will O The Wisp Putting Work In

First up are fight ideas. These are basic ideas and tips concerning the gameplay loop and construction of the Simulacrum that gamers ought to take into accout:


Common Tip



It is gonna be robust at first

If a Simulacrum run goes to finish abruptly, it’s going to usually finish throughout the first 10-20 Rounds. It is because the issue of this recreation mode is rather a lot more durable at first however rapidly evens out the extra waves that gamers make it by. So, do not count on it to be a cakewalk till Wave 30+ or one thing like that.


Space of Impact is extra vital than ever earlier than

Whether or not it is AoE harm from a Survivor’s talents or AoE harm from an merchandise like Gasoline or Will-o’-the-Wisp, space of impact harm has an enormous impression in making the Simulacrum simpler, provided that enemies are actually confined to the identical quantity of house that the participant is.


Use the terrain to your benefit

Relying on the place the Evaluation Focus has settled down, you may need a patch of flat land as your area, otherwise you could be caught on a cliffside with a couple of footholds. Studying to make use of the terrain to your benefit may have a fairly noticeable impression on how lengthy you survive in Simulacrum, resembling kiting enemies so that they are compelled to enter the Void Fog, utilizing partitions to keep away from incoming projectiles, or utilizing completely different vertical ranges to separate flying enemies from all the opposite mobs.


Be taught to kite enemies

If you have not already discovered the right way to successfully kite enemies in Danger of Rain 2 whereas additionally avoiding harm, Simulacrum goes to drive you to be taught. The world that the Evaluation Focus offers you may appear large at first, but it surely solely takes a few Waves to understand it is really not that a lot house. If you cannot kite enemies in a comparatively small circle with out virtually dying, you will most likely want a bit extra follow to make it to Wave 50.


Bear in mind to leap usually

This tip not solely applies to the bottom recreation mode of Danger of Rain 2 but in addition for any Danger of Rain recreation. Once you’re continually leaping whereas preventing enemies, you will rapidly discover how a lot much less usually you will get hit with assaults. The enemy AI on this recreation struggles with following gamers who make actions like this, so bear in mind to leap usually to keep away from incoming harm in addition to any ground-based assaults.


It is okay to attend generally

And for the ultimate fight tip, keep in mind that there is no arduous time restrict on this recreation mode. For those who’re near dying with solely 2 enemies left which might be throughout the world, you may wait out of sight to heal up a bit with a Bustling Fungus. Moreover, when you discover that you just’re struggling particularly arduous towards an enemy, you can too keep away from them till the Evaluation Focus barrier begins closing and let the Void Fog end them off for you.

Risk of Rain 2 - Picking From Void Potential As Captain

Subsequent up are ideas associated to gadgets, builds, and different basic issues gamers may not concentrate on about which gadgets are good to make use of within the Simulacrum:


Common Tip



Merchandise ‘Tiers’ Are Totally different In Simulacrum

Primarily, gadgets which may be generally ignored or thought to be ‘ineffective’ in a fundamental run of Danger of Rain 2 could be a complete lot higher in Simulacrum, so it is best not to enter the mode with any bias. To present a couple of examples, Roll of Pennies and Lepton Daisy are a complete lot extra helpful in Simulacrum than anybody possible gave them credit score for.


Therapeutic and Motion Velocity are essential

Extra motion velocity gadgets like Mocha or Goat Hooves imply a neater time grabbing gadgets from the Void Fog and dodging assaults. Nonetheless, solely a few motion velocity gadgets are wanted, as getting too grasping with motion velocity could make staying within the secure zone very troublesome. Moreover, extra therapeutic gadgets like Weeping Fungus, Bustling Fungus, and Medkits imply having the ability to survive longer within the Void Fog and having the ability to heal up mid-Wave.


Be fluid and versatile together with your construct

Sure, you can select between three gadgets within the Void Potential after each wave, providing you with much more company over than construct than in an ordinary RoR2 run, however that does not imply you must arduous decide to a construct. Be versatile on what your construct relies on the gadgets you might be provided, and you will find much more success. For those who’re getting loads of gadgets like AtGs and Tri-Tip Daggers, it is time for an on-hit construct. For those who’re getting loads of Gasoline, Will-o’-the-Wisps, and Bundles of Fireworks, seems prefer it’s AoE construct time.


Scout the stage and use pings

When you will not be capable to get loads of the gadgets on the market within the Void Fog in every stage, you will most likely be capable to get a good quantity. So, it is also price wanting round between waves or earlier than beginning up the Evaluation Focus once more after it strikes. Ping printers to remind your self the place they’re, go open chests however depart the merchandise for later in case you discover a scrapper, and possibly even maintain off on Multishops in case an Govt Card exhibits up.

Survivor-Based mostly Suggestions

Risk of Rain 2 - Simulacrum Character Select

And at last listed here are some ideas associated to particular Survivors and their Abilities in Simulacrum. Each Survivor is on the very least ‘good’ in Simulacrum, however some are completely higher to make use of than others.


Common Tip



This mode makes generally prevented Abilities much more helpful

Within the base recreation, there are loads of Survivor Abilities which might be labeled as ‘nugatory’ or direct downgrades to their options. However, in Simulacrum, loads of these ‘terrible’ Abilities are literally very helpful. Abilities like Acrid’s Blight, Huntress’ Arrow Rain, Artificers Flamethrower, and Railgunners Polar Subject System are all rather a lot higher on this recreation mode.


Void Fiend is (understandably) superb within the Void

As soon as gamers acquire the Void Fiend and understand they just like the extra action-oriented Simulacrum recreation mode, they could wish to attempt the Void Fiend in mentioned mode, as he is arguably overpowered in it. His Suppress offers him a really sturdy heal within the Void Fog, permitting him to discover the stage much more, his Corrupted Mode has a ton of DPS to assist out within the early Waves, and he works with virtually any construct.


Acrid has a little bit of a troublesome time

Do not get issues twisted, Acrid is definitely our favourite Survivor, however his basic gameplay loop and playstyle do not actually mesh all that effectively with the Simulacrum. he can work fairly decently, however the arduous time restrict earlier than the barrier begins to shut signifies that he cannot simply do laps and anticipate Poison to kill all the pieces like he’d be capable to within the base recreation. Blight is healthier on this mode than ever earlier than, however most gamers nonetheless find yourself utilizing Poison as a substitute more often than not.


Commando (like the bottom recreation) begins weak however scales so effectively

Commando is actually one of many strongest Survivors within the recreation, due to his first rate harm and excessive price of fireplace. Positive, he begins out weak, however as soon as you actually begin getting his construct going, he’ll in a short time outpace the enemy scaling. For those who make it to Wave 40+ with a Commando on the staff, it’s extremely possible that they are the one outputting loads of the harm.


Bandit’s Desperado has by no means felt so good

Desperado is already some of the enjoyable strikes to make use of in Danger of Rain 2, due to its infinite scaling mechanic. Nonetheless, versus resetting the buff stacks at first of each new stage, in Simulacrum the buff would not reset till gamers undergo the following portal. Which means within the larger Wave counts, Bandit can fairly actually one-shot boss enemies that the opposite gamers would’ve taken 5+ minutes to kill.


Engineer was mainly designed for a wave survival mode

Engineer is already absurd within the base recreation if constructed appropriately, however in Simulacrum he is even stronger, attributable to enemies being caught in an space with him and his turrets as a substitute of a complete stage’s price of space. Moreover, Bubble Defend is extra helpful than it is ever been on this recreation mode.


Artificer would possibly lastly hold her ft on the bottom

Due to the small space and the truth that close-ranged fight is unavoidable within the Simulacrum, the Artificer’s Flamethrower is definitely simply pretty much as good as her Ion Surge.


Huntress simply does effectively

Huntress would not have rather a lot that adjustments about her playstyle in Simulacrum, outdoors of the truth that Abilities like Arrow Rain are much more helpful than they usually are because of the extra compressed waves of mobs.


Mul-T’s Nailguns really feel nice

Mul-T additionally would not change a lot in Simulacrum, however their double Nailgun setup feels higher than ever because of the fixed close-range fight.


Rex has it arduous at first, however scales so drastically

As a result of well being administration is rather more vital in Simulacrum, Rex has a troublesome time at first, however as soon as they’ve a little bit of therapeutic they’re one of many strongest Survivors on this recreation mode general attributable to their harm output and AoE harm.


Railgunner may need to change it up

Railgunner can also be very sturdy on this recreation mode, however gamers would possibly discover that switching up her loadout will probably be simpler in Simulacrum. Polar Subject Gadgets are price utilizing, and it is more durable to remain secure for sniping, so going with the HH44 Marksman is definitely a sensible name.


Captain can lastly use his Abilities within the Void

Fortunately, the builders at Gearbox and Hopoo Video games made the sensible alternative of getting the Simulacrum be a ‘simulation’ that means that Captain can nonetheless use his Orbital Strikes, Diable Strikes, and Beacons whereas on this mode. And, his Beacons are literally higher right here than within the base recreation because of the small space.


Loader performs a bit in another way however remains to be a one-punch machine

As a result of there’s a lot much less house to work with, it could possibly really feel much more troublesome to get round and keep away from harm with Loader. Nonetheless, as a result of enemies are extra grouped up, it is even simpler to get some really devastating punches in.


Mercenary is absurd

And at last, the Mercenary is absurdly sturdy in Simulacrum because of the lack of house. He melts teams of enemies utilizing Eviscerate, the Uncovered Debuff, Slicing Winds, and Targeted Assault. He is additionally nice for getting gadgets within the Void Fog attributable to his excessive mobility. Simply take into accout, nevertheless, that it is simple to go off the map with him on this mode or find yourself approach within the Void Fog with out realizing it.


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