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How To Beat Dire Fiend In Remnant 2


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Remnant 2‘s The Woke up King DLC introduces a number of extra enemy varieties and managers to the motion RPG recreation. One among these is the Dire Fiend mini-boss, one of many first difficult enemies gamers might encounter when exploring the Forlorn Coast. Whereas not probably the most tough Remnant 2 boss, Dire Fiend is lethal up shut and might pose issues for some gamers.

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The Dire Fiend mini-boss battle additionally begins in an uncommon manner, which might catch some players off guard and nonetheless pose a big problem to newbie Remnant 2 gamers. Luckily, there are a number of suggestions and methods to make beating Dire Fiend a breeze in comparison with different bosses within the recreation.

Dire Fiend Location In Remnant 2

remnant 2 dire fiend map location awakened king dlc

Whereas worlds are procedurally generated, some gamers may discover the Dire Fiend boss positioned alongside the far proper partitions of the Forlorn Coast, near the Docks. Gamers will know they’ve reached the right location after they see a massive group of Dran listening to a speaker standing on a ledge.

remnant 2 dlc dire fiend mini boss location

When gamers strategy the world, the group assaults because the speaker transforms into the Dire Fiend boss, a grotesque and quick swamp-looking creature.

How To Beat Dire Fiend In Remnant 2

remnant 2 dire fiend mini boss awakened king dlc

Many gamers with a number of the finest weapon mods in Remnant 2 are unlikely to have a very difficult time beating Dire Fiend, relying on what issue mode they select. Nevertheless, even veteran gamers can get caught off guard, however there are a couple of methods to beating Dire Fiend to keep away from journeys to the world stone.

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Crowd Management

remnant 2 dire fiend mini boss fight crowd control

Coping with the pesky crowd of melee-throwing Dran is without doubt one of the first issues to prioritize to keep away from defeat, as gamers will wish to think about beating the Dire Fiend relatively than being hit from a distance.

Gamers ought to take out the group as rapidly as attainable in a manner that makes probably the most sense for his or her class construct, equivalent to deploying a Vulcan turret if enjoying Remnant 2‘s Engineer Construct or by using the devastating Firestorm weapon mod. Alternatively, swinging an honest melee weapon just like the Atom Smasher can even work.

Make the most of The Surroundings To Maintain A Secure Distance

Gamers can even use the atmosphere to keep up a secure distance from the Dire Fiend’s lethal close-quarters assaults by encircling the close by corridors or working up the steps and leaping from the wood ledge to provide gamers additional time to shoot. The Dran and Dire Fiend will comply with, giving gamers time to hit them whereas the Dire Fiend drops from the ledge.

Dodge And Heal When Mandatory

Gamers also needs to hold tabs on their well being, because the Dire Fiend can deal deadly harm rapidly through its charging and swiping assaults. Performing a well-timed dodge-roll or utilizing Remnant 2‘s misty step dodge evasive maneuver is a useful manner of avoiding its assaults, giving gamers time to heal or assault from a distance.

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