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Finest Decidueye Moveset, Weak spot & Counters


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Pokemon GO has seen many extra gamers buying Decidueye as a result of addition of 4-star Dartrix Raids in January 2023. With many Trainers gaining this Pokemon for his or her assortment, loads of them are contemplating utilizing them as Gymnasium defenders and even for PvP battles, relying on how viable their Decidueye’s CP degree is. That is very true as a result of Decidueye’s aggressive potential, with this Grass and Ghost Twin-Kind having a really strong battle ranking as a result of mixture of its stats and eligible strikes that may be discovered.

If gamers need to adapt their staff to incorporate Decidueye, then they will want to make sure they know the very best moveset for aggressive PvP battles, in addition to its core weaknesses and most vital counters. Doing so will allow them to achieve probably the most worth from Decidueye in battle, and guarantee they’ve the data to repair up the remainder of their staff composition, relating to weaknesses and Kind protection.


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Finest Decidueye Moveset in Pokemon GO, Defined


In Pokemon GO, Decidueye is a robust Grass and Ghost Twin-Kind that makes a viable selection for a lot of totally different PvP builds and staff compositions. With 4-star Dartrix Raids going stay within the sport on January 6, 2023, loads of gamers have been gaining this Pokemon, and later evolving it into Decidueye in hopes of gaining a brand new battle-worthy addition to their assortment. To make sure Trainers achieve probably the most worth from Decidueye, then equipping a viable moveset is essential. The perfect Decidueye moveset has been summarized under, which can allow you to deal a median of 15.70 harm per second, equaling an estimated 424.8 harm earlier than Decidueye faints.

Finest Decidueye Moveset

  • Quick Transfer: Leafage
  • Charged Transfer: Frenzy Plant

To equip your Decidueye with this specific moveset, you may want to accumulate an Elite Cost TM and use it with Decidueye to achieve Frenzy Plant. Within the case that you’re unable to achieve an Elite Cost TM to finish this construct, then there are additionally a pair extra builds which you can take into account equipping as a substitute, making some very strong secondary selections.

Leafage + Spirit Shackle will allow Decidueye to deal 14.20 harm per second, Leafage + Courageous Chicken will allow Decidueye to deal 13.93 harm per second, whereas Magical Leaf + Spirit Shackle may have your Decidueye dispensing 13.91 harm per second. Decidueye could be additional boosted in battle with the presence of Sunny or Fog climate, which can enhance the harm output of those Decidueye movesets much more.

Secondary Decidueye Moveset Choices

  • Quick Transfer: Leafage
  • Charged Transfer: Spirit Shackle

  • Quick Transfer: Leafage
  • Charged Transfer: Courageous Chicken

  • Quick Transfer: Magical Leaf
  • Charged Transfer: Spirit Shackle


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Decidueye Weaknesses & Finest Counters in Pokemon Go, Defined

Decidueye in a ring

When you plan on holding Decidueye in your Pokemon GO staff rotation, then it is very important know the weaknesses and greatest counters that will seem for this Pokemon. This data will allow you to arrange the remainder of your staff for counterplay and to contemplate any kind of protection you might want to incorporate to make up for Decidueye’s greatest weaknesses.

In Pokemon GO, Decidueye has the first Kind of Grass and the secondary Kind of Ghost. Which means Decidueye is weak to Hearth, Darkish, Flying, Ghost, and Ice-type Pokemon and strikes, every of which can deal 160 p.c of the assault’s base energy in opposition to Decidueye.

Preserving these Kind Weaknesses in thoughts, the very best counters for Decidueye have been listed under, in addition to the very best movesets that can be utilized in opposition to this Grass and Ghost Twin-Kind. Realizing this data will allow you to acknowledge when Decidueye could also be underneath risk throughout battle, and set up a counterplay or change, in addition to determine which different Pokemon you may embody to finish your staff.

Mega Rayquaza

  • Quick Transfer: Air Slash
  • Charged Transfer: Dragon Ascent


  • Quick Transfer: Hearth Spin
  • Charged Transfer: Fly

Galarian Darmanitan

  • Quick Transfer: Ice Fang
  • Charged Transfer: Avalanche

Maga Charizard Y

  • Quick Transfer: Hearth Spin
  • Charged Transfer: Blast Burn

Mega Gengar

  • Quick Transfer: Lick
  • Charged Transfer: Shadow Ball

Mega Blaziken

  • Quick Transfer: Hearth Spin
  • Charged Transfer: Blast Burn

Mega Tyranitar

  • Quick Transfer: Chunk
  • Charged Transfer: Brutal Swing


  • Quick Transfer: Hearth Fang
  • Charged Transfer: Fusion Hearth


  • Quick Transfer: Air Slash
  • Charged Transfer: Dragon Ascent


  • Quick Transfer: Hearth Spin
  • Charged Transfer: Shadow Ball

Shadow Moltres

  • Quick Transfer: Hearth Spin
  • Charged Transfer: Sky Assault


  • Quick Transfer: Hearth Fang
  • Charged Transfer: Overheat

Whereas these Pokemon are the best-suited counters to Decidueye as a result of mixture of their base stats and strikes, any Pokemon with a Kind through which Decidueye is weak in opposition to will likely be environment friendly in dealing efficient harm and taking down this Pokemon, maybe simply not as shortly because the choices listed above. Within the case of Sunny climate, a Hearth Kind counter could also be the very best determination, as not solely will Decidueye profit in elevated energy from this climate, but in addition any Hearth Kind Pokemon will obtain the identical perks. Within the case of Fog climate, Ghost Varieties or Darkish Varieties are the very best determination you can also make, as they are going to have increased transfer energy on this climate.

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