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Easy methods to Discover and Use Smokepowder


Right here’s all the pieces you want to know to search out and use Smokepowder in Baldur’s Gate 3 with a view to filter a cave-in.

As you progress via the story of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll come throughout conditions that may be resolved by utilizing an merchandise. A superb instance of that is throughout Act 1 when you want to observe down some Smokepower Satchels. Smokepowder is important to save lots of True Soul Nere in Grymforge as a part of your journey via the Underdark. Upon saving him, he’ll offer you a quest known as Journey via the Underdark. True Soul Nere is trapped in a collapsed tunnel, and that’s the place Smokepowder comes into play. To get it, comply with the directions under.


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Easy methods to get Smokepowder

Philomeen in Baldur’s Gate 3

To acquire Smokepowder, you’ll have to talk with a gnome named Philomeen and persuade her to present it to you. She is considerably of a trouble to get to, so right here is precisely discover her:

  • Ranging from the boat you arrived on on the dock, make your method northeast to an iron double door.
  • Lockpick the iron double door and enter the tunnel.
  • Go down the tunnel. Ultimately you’ll hit a useless finish, however you’ll be able to open a passage. To take action, search for a lever that’s hidden within the nook of the room. You probably have excessive sufficient Notion expertise, you can too simply discover a button to the best of the door that can open it.
  • Maintain happening the tunnel. You’ll encounter some enemies right here, so simply take kill them and take the primary flip left, up the steps.
  • Leap over the hole and also you’ll see a door. It results in Philomeen’s chamber. Lockpick it and also you’ll discover Philomeen inside.
  • Communicate with Philomeen. You’ll must cross a persuasion test to make her provide the Smokepowder Satchels.

After you’ve gotten the Smokepowder, you’ll want to return to the way in which you got here from and use it to explode the cave-in.

Easy methods to use Smokepowder

Nere in Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Go northwest from the dock till you see the cave-in.
  • Throw the Smokepowder identical to some other stock merchandise on the cave-in.
  • Wait for everybody to get away from the cave-in, as initiative is rolled when you injury anyone.
  • Set the explosive powder on hearth. To take action, use a Hearth Bolt, Hearth Arrows, or a Produce Flame cantrip.

Now the Smokepowder will blow up the cave-in, and also you’ll be capable of rescue True Soul Nere. Subsequent, you’ll must get a Damaged Moonlantern from Nere. You possibly can both take it from him peacefully or combat him and loot his physique for it.



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