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DC Characters That Might Beat Homelander



  • Homelander could seem sturdy, however he could be no match for characters like Superman or Surprise Girl in a face-to-face battle.
  • Inexperienced Lantern’s ring and Zatanna’s magical skills might simply lure or defeat Homelander, exhibiting that bodily power is not all the time essential.
  • Miss Martian’s shapeshifting and psychological powers might outmatch Homelander, proving that technique and ability are key in superhero matchups.

Of all of the totally different anti-hero takes on Superman, probably the most well-known one lately must be Homelander from The Boys. On the floor, he’s an all-American, pleasant defender of justice. Beneath that rigorously constructed picture, he’s a twisted, self-obsessed, thin-skinned sadist who’s simply as corrupt as the remainder of his superhero workforce, The Seven.


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He caught on by way of Amazon’s variations of the comedian books, the place actor Antony Starr actually introduced out Homelander’s character as a weak bully placing up a powerful facade properly. Whereas he’s maybe the strongest hero in The Boys’ universe, he’s nowhere close to as sturdy as he thinks, and he is aware of it. If he ended up within the DC Universe, he’d be in bother, as these DC characters might beat Homelander simply.

1 Superman

The Authentic Article

Superman Silver Age Costume

  • Benefits: Tremendous-strong, stronger warmth imaginative and prescient, stronger X-ray imaginative and prescient, sooner flight and floor pace, extra secure thoughts.
  • Disadvantages: Weak to kryptonite.

At first, it appears Homelander has benefits over his inspiration. Superman is affected by a number of sorts of kryptonite, whereas Homelander is weak to nothing. Nevertheless, all this might do is even the taking part in area. Utilizing all his would possibly, Homelander can carry roughly 480 tons, or “a dozen Magazine vehicles” in accordance with Black Noir. Against this, Superman has no restrict on his power past the author’s creativeness.

Earlier than Disaster on Infinite Earths, Superman might juggle planets. Afterward, he might shift them out of orbit. All-Star Superman had him carry 200 quintillion (a billion of billions) tons with one hand. Homelander could share a lot of Superman’s powers, like warmth imaginative and prescient, X-ray imaginative and prescient, and many others. However even with kryptonite, he wouldn’t be strolling away from a bout with the Man of Metal.

2 Surprise Girl

Bringing Homelander To Heel

Wonder Woman Becoming War

  • Benefits: Tremendous-strong, fight professional, expertise in bringing down stronger superhumans, entry to magical and enchanted weapons and objects.
  • Disadvantages: Susceptible to her personal weapons, and is not bulletproof.

On high of every part else, Homelander can also be a horrible misogynist who’ll do horrible issues to girls simply because he is aware of he can get away with it. He might barely hold it collectively when he noticed individuals on-line making memes about Stormfront in Season 2, Episode 4. Arising brief towards a heroine like Surprise Girl would possible break him.

She doesn’t have as many powers as Homelander- no warmth/X-ray imaginative and prescient, flight (often), and many others. But she’s nonetheless sturdy sufficient to hold cruise ships and has even defeated Superman from time to time. She’s additionally a extremely expert warrior, with entry to quite a lot of enchanted weapons, whereas Homelander coasts on his superpowers. In a head-to-head contest, he’d be humbled shortly.

3 Lobo

Do not Mess With The Fundamental Man

Lobo smiling with a cigar in the DC comics

  • Benefits: Tremendous-strong, sturdy therapeutic issue and regenerative skills, excessive mind, immortal resulting from a technicality.
  • Disadvantages: Their shared bloodthirst might see Lobo both befriend Homelander or kill him.

Earlier than Homelander, there was Lobo. Solely as a substitute of being a twisted model of Superman, he was a parody of Darkish Age edgy antiheroes (The Punisher and Wolverine specifically). Lobo was the final member of an alien race known as the Czarnians as a result of he killed off all of the others. He works as an intergalactic bounty hunter to gas his bloodlust and wish for wanton violence.


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Energy-wise, he’s rivaled Superman from time to time. However even when he was extra on par with Homelander, his regenerative skills might heal him again up from a drop of blood. Even when he did die, he triggered a lot havoc in each Heaven and Hell that he was banished from each realms, successfully turning into immortal. Chances are high he’d kill Homelander for annoying him, then discover another planet to torment.

In His Personal Component

DC Characters Who Could Beat Homelander- Metamorpho

  • Benefits: Tremendous-strong, virtually invulnerable and immortal, can shapeshift into any kind, and kind any factor, together with toxic gases and liquids.
  • Disadvantages: Turns into extra susceptible when he transforms, relying on the factor.

Initially a mercenary, Rex Mason was betrayed by Simon Stagg when he tried to get him the Orb of Ra. He was knocked out and left for useless subsequent to the radioactive meteorite the Orb was long-established from. However, just like the gamma radiation in The Unimaginable Hulk, or the poisonous waste in Daredevil, the meteorite modified him from a human to Metamorpho, a hero who can rework into any factor on Earth.

Homelander has no mineral weak point, although he can’t see by means of zinc, and will probably be knocked out by extraordinarily poisonous gases like Novichok. Since Metamorpho can replicate any factor and compound, he might check that speculation by giving Homelander loads of Novichok to breathe in. Simply in case his common, invulnerable, super-strong, immortal kind wasn’t sufficient to deliver The Solely Man within the Sky again right down to Earth.

5 Inexperienced Lantern

The Energy Of Creativeness

Green Lantern Corps

  • Benefits: The Inexperienced Lantern ring’s varieties have a large sufficient vary to catch Homelander, and may kind something the consumer imagines.
  • Disadvantages: The shape’s power depends on the consumer’s willpower. The customers themselves aren’t essentially super-strong.

It could be as a result of Alan Scott and Hal Jordan did not conjure up probably the most imaginative issues with their rings, however Inexperienced Lantern’s powers are literally fairly damaged. Beforehand, the one means somebody like Homelander might’ve gotten across the Males With out Concern was to color himself solely yellow, because the Lantern’s projections didn’t have an effect on the colour.

However with Parallax’s defeat, the Inexperienced Lantern rings can now hit something and every part. As an alternative of bodily power, they depend on the power of willpower, and not one of the Lanterns from Scott to Kyle Rayner have been missing in that division. In the event that they’re not trapping Homelander in a bubble, they may swat him down with something they may conjure up.

6 The Flash

A Speedy Victory

The Flash activating his powers

  • Benefits: Tremendous-speed past Homelander’s potential to maintain up, can section by means of his grip.
  • Drawback: Is not super-strong, and so must keep a relentless barrage of hits on Homelander.

A battle between the Flash and Homelander wouldn’t a lot be a slugfest as demise by a thousand cuts. Whether or not it’s Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West, and many others, the Flashes have by no means been recognized for grand feats of power. In the event that they obtained in Homelander’s grasp, they’d probably be in bother. Or a minimum of they’d be if it weren’t for the Pace Power, which might hold Homelander from grabbing them to start with.


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They’re the quickest heroes alive, capable of inflict a number of blows in fractions of seconds. The Pace Power additionally permits them to vibrate quick sufficient to section their atoms by means of objects, so even when they had been caught, they may escape and proceed to topic Homelander to a relentless barrage of assaults. Then, with the Pace Power’s momentum, they may construct up a Superman-caliber punch to place him down.

7 Zatanna

Magic Can Simply As Simply Defeat Homelander

Zatanna Promising Young Woman Emerald Fennell

  • Benefits: Robust magical powers and huge information of magical spells from elemental powers to dimension warping.
  • Disadvantages: Strange human power and magic might be nullified if her mouth is roofed or in any other case saved from talking.

The DCU wouldn’t must name out huge hitters like Superman or insane characters like Lobo to take care of Homelander. In truth, they possible wouldn’t want somebody bodily sturdy to type him out in any respect. They might get a strong magic consumer as a substitute, like Zatanna. A grasp of each stage magic and actual magic, she has a library’s price of methods to deal with threats like Homelander.

Along with her Logomancy, the place she will conjure spells by talking backward, she might freeze Homelander in place, shrink him to the scale of a pea, lure him inside forcefields, replicate projectiles, or mess along with his thoughts immediately. Even when he obtained to put a finger on her, she might use Antipathy to reverse the injury and place it on him as a substitute. If worst got here to worst, she might ship him off to a different universe with a single sentence.

8 Miss Martian

Assured To Blow Minds

DC Characters Who Could Beat Homelander- Miss Martian

  • Benefits: Can shapeshift to ambush Homelander, or use her psychological powers to have an effect on his thoughts.
  • Disadvantages: Energy is on par with Homelander, and she or he’s weak to fireplace.

DC’s Martians are underrated by way of their power. J’on J’onzz, or the Martian Manhunter, is similar to Superman in power and powers. He might deal with Homelander simply, however so might his youthful, feminine, White Martian counterpart M’gann M’orzz, aka Miss Martian. Energy-wise, she’s nearer to Homelander’s stage in with the ability to deal with tons of of tons in weight than billions.

She will tank hits by way of her invulnerability and shapeshift into all kinds of varieties to get the drop on her foes. That’s if she doesn’t make herself invisible or intangible. Her huge benefit over Homelander is her huge vary of psychological powers. Like Zatanna, she might twist his reminiscences, blind him with illusions, management his thoughts immediately, or just ship him to sleep.

9 Black Canary

Victory Screech

Black Canary in Batman Urban Legends

  • Benefits: Knowledgeable tactician, studious thoughts, supersonic Canary Cry.
  • Disadvantages: Strange human power, would not final lengthy in a direct encounter.

Dinah Lance, aka Black Canary, is an odd one to place up towards Homelander. She’s an professional hand-to-hand fighter, a terrific tactician, investigator, and biker. However she isn’t tremendous sturdy and doesn’t have a mess of magical skills like Zatanna. If Homelander struck her unexpectedly, he’d in all probability make brief work of her. Or he would if it weren’t for her principal energy.


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Like Superman, Homelander has tremendous listening to, besides he can’t flip down its sensitivity, not to mention change it off. The Boys used this data to play a high-frequency sound to annoy him lengthy sufficient to avoid wasting Becca and Ryan. Mix that with Black Canary’s supersonic Canary Cry, which is powerful sufficient to shatter skulls, and Homelander would find yourself with a headache from hell.

10 Batman

The Significance Of Prep Time

Batman Year One

  • Benefits: Knowledgeable tactician, an enormous array of devices, and has expertise bringing down stronger superheroes.
  • Disadvantages: Strange human power, Homelander lacks the weaknesses his counterparts have.

After years of memes about Batman and his prep time, it will be simpler to offer the Darkish Knight superpowers than act like he’s a traditional man in a Batsuit. He has overwhelmed foes who had been a thousand or extra instances stronger than him due to his fast pondering, like Superman and Marvel’s Hulk. Even so, since Homelander isn’t susceptible to kryptonite or common sleeping gasoline, he’d want one other plan to take him down.

Perhaps he might use his chunky Bat Armor and sonic gadgets to put on Homelander down. Or replicate Soldier Boy’s power-removal potential. Higher but, since Homelander depends upon the false picture Vought made for him, Bruce Wayne might purchase Homelander and change into his boss as a substitute. This wouldn’t hold the so-called World’s Biggest Superhero underneath wraps for lengthy, however it will be lengthy sufficient for Batman to arrange a contingency plan for him.


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