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Darkest Nintendo Characters



  • Nintendo’s darker characters like Loopy Redd and Medusa add depth to their whimsical franchises.
  • The Blissful Masks Salesman and Marx present how even cute video games like Zelda and Kirby have darkish undertones.
  • Characters like Metallic Face and Porky Minch show that Nintendo can characteristic actually chilling villains.

Nintendo does not get a variety of credit score for a way darkish a few of their video games can get. Whereas collection like Tremendous Mario and Kirby provide a variety of whimsical, kid-friendly adventures, even a few of their greatest franchises have some not-so-subtle disturbing undertones. Particularly, video games like The Legend of Zelda and Metroid have some terrifying characters amongst their recurring solid.


8 Finest Anti-Hero Nintendo Characters, Ranked

These Nintendo characters stroll the nice line between good and evil.

These characters from throughout Nintendo’s numerous franchises are the creepiest and darkest the corporate has ever handled. From principal antagonists to eerie supporting characters, these people have a a lot darker tone than most others that Nintendo advertises. A few of them could even be darker than characters seen in different corporations’ best IPs.

10 Loopy Redd

Animal Crossing’s Black Market Salesman Is A Shifty Fox

A player browsing Crazy Redd's shop in New Horizons

Animal Crossing

September 16, 2002


Simulation , Journey , JRPG

A lot of the anthropomorphic characters within the Animal Crossing collection are cute and pleasant, although there’s one character who would possibly disturb younger gamers. Redd is the kitsune fox who runs a store all through the franchise promoting art work that villagers can donate to museums. Nevertheless, Redd’s a shiftier character than one would anticipate, and will typically promote counterfeits of well-known artwork.

Although he is a far cry from the darkest characters in online game historical past, his underground retailer has a a lot darker tone than any of the opposite content material within the Animal Crossing video games. In Animal Crossing: Blissful House Designer, it is also implied that Redd and Tom Nook have a checkered historical past that’s not expounded upon, which definitely provides much more thriller to this character.

9 Blissful Masks Salesman

Unhealthy Vibes Are Aplenty With This Touring Service provider

Link talking to the Happy Mask Salesman

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Masks

October 26, 2000

Nintendo EAD

There are many darkish characters all through the Legend of Zelda franchise, however none are extra frequent than within the Nintendo 64 title Majora’s Masks. Set within the nightmarish land of Termina, the sport’s story facilities on Hyperlink having to avoid wasting the world from the impish Cranium Child, possessed by the titular masks, to unleash an apocalypse on Clock City inside three days.


The Strongest Legend Of Zelda Villains, Ranked

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The one character extra disturbing than Cranium Child himself is the supply of Majora’s Masks: the Blissful Masks Salesman, who intimidates Hyperlink at first of the sport into discovering his stolen merchandise. It could possibly solely be imagined by the participant how the Blissful Masks Salesman got here to own this evil, world-ending masks, however given how a lot he is aware of about Hyperlink, he cannot be as much as any good.

8 Medusa

The Goddess Of Darkness Is No Laughing Matter

Medusa in Kid Icarus Uprising

Child Icarus: Rebellion

March 23, 2012

Third-Individual Shooter

Medusa is without doubt one of the principal antagonists of the Child Icarus franchise, having made her debut as the ultimate boss of the unique NES title. Nevertheless, a a lot darker model of the character seems because the villain in the primary half of Child Icarus: Rebellion, earlier than (spoiler alert) it is revealed that Hades is the puppetmaster behind Medusa’s returning onslaught in opposition to Palutena’s military of sunshine.

Whereas Medusa does return to assist Pit within the battle in opposition to Hades by the tip of the sport, she’s a way more severe antagonist than Hades, who is kind of charming and sarcastic. Nevertheless, it is her historical past with Palutena that evokes probably the most Biblical evil, as she was banished to the Underworld for her contempt in direction of people and was a hideous monster.

7 Dimentio

The Best Menace In The 2D Mario World

Dimentio serving on Count Bleck's counsel in Super Paper Mario

Tremendous Paper Mario

April 9, 2007

RPG , Journey , Platformer

There aren’t many darkish characters within the Mario collection. Even the franchise’s recurring villains, like Bowser, Wario, or King Boo, are fairly light-hearted in comparison with most different online game villains. Nevertheless, there’s one notable exception of a reasonably cold-hearted Mario character that may shock even hardcore followers of the collection, a minimum of ones who have not performed Tremendous Paper Mario.

Whereas Dimentio initially seems as one of many minions of the sport’s main antagonist, Rely Bleck, it is later revealed that Dimentio has his personal agenda to grab the Chaos Coronary heart and recreate it in his personal picture together with his energy to govern dimensions. Dimentio even makes use of the Chaos Coronary heart to briefly brainwash Luigi into preventing Mario, pitting the brothers in opposition to one another.

6 Marx

It Takes A Lot Of Darkness To Antagonize Kirby

Marx in his true winged form in Super Star

Kirby Tremendous Star

September 20, 1996


On the floor, Marx seems just like some other Kirby character, as a cute and cuddly creature carrying a jester’s hat. Nevertheless, the character is far more than meets the attention, as the ultimate boss to the Kirby Tremendous Star sub-game “Milky Method Needs.” Initially, Marx seems to assist Kirby cease the solar and moon from preventing, guiding him to the wish-granting comet Nova.


8 Most Disturbing Elements of the Kirby Video games

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Because it seems, Kirby is being manipulated, and Marx steals his want from Nova and takes management of Planet Popstar. When Marx is encountered once more on the finish of the sub-game, he takes on a really terrifying new type, however what makes him one among Nintendo’s darkest characters is how ruthlessly he is keen to trick a cute and pleasant creature like Kirby.

5 Edelgard Von Hresvelg

The Daenerys Targaryen Of The Hearth Emblem Sequence

Edelgard after the time-skip with her army in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Out of Nintendo’s greatest franchises, the characters of Hearth Emblem are among the darkest and most advanced. The RPG collection has disturbing enemies and figures courting again to its Famicom video games. Nevertheless, issues have definitely been turned up a notch in latest titles, similar to Hearth Emblem: Three Homes for the Nintendo Change, which introduces Edelgard von Hresvelg.

For the primary half of Three Homes, Edelgard is the disciplined chief of the Black Eagles, a home within the Garreg Mach Monastery taught by the participant character. Later, Edelgard assumes the throne of the Adrestian Empire and wages conflict in opposition to her former college students, and gamers have the selection to assist or battle in opposition to her, with the mistaken selection revealing a ruthless facet to her.

4 Lusamine

She Has Little Regard For Folks Or Pokemon

Lusamine angrily clenching her fist in her office at Aether Paradise

Pokemon Solar and Moon

November 18, 2016


Each mainline Pokemon recreation has some fairly nasty villains in its roster of human characters, however none are extra chilling than Lusamine. In Pokemon Solar & Moon, Lusamine is the president of the Aether Basis, which investigates Extremely Beasts from different dimensions. In consequence, she’s neglectful of her youngsters, Gladion and Lillie, and collects frozen Pokemon for preservation.

Ultimately, Lusamine goes mad along with her obsession and drives her youngsters away, finally fusing with the Extremely Beast Nihilego to imagine residency in one other dimension. In Extremely Solar & Extremely Moon, her ambitions are related, although she now groups up with Necrozma to steal the sunshine from Alola, displaying that even in an alternate timeline, she’s simply as horrific of a personality.

3 Ridley

For Ridley, Killing Is Simply One other Weekday

Ridley appearing in Sector 3 of Pyrosphere in Other M to fight Samus


August 6, 1986



Ridley is without doubt one of the most iconic villains in all the library of Nintendo characters, however few could understand how darkish the character actually is. Ridley seems in most Metroid video games, ambushing Samus Aran throughout her missions with the intent of killing her. Nevertheless, his hatred for Samus dates again to Samus’ childhood, in probably the most heartbreaking backstories of any Nintendo character.


Metroid: Samus Aran’s Largest Errors & Failures Ever

Protagonist of the Metroid franchise, Samus has been round for practically 30 years. Although she’s seen her share of victories, she’s made errors too.

As established within the Metroid manga, Ridley was a House Pirate who attacked Samus’ residence planet. When a younger Samus tried to befriend the monster, Ridley tried to kill her, however Samus was saved by her dad and mom, who sacrificed themselves to let her escape. Even years later, Ridley remains to be confronting Samus, killing as many Galactic Federation officers as he can to get to her.

His Simplistic Motive Drives Him To Do Heinous Issues

A close-up of Metal Face's mechon face

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Version

Xenoblade Chronicles is without doubt one of the darkest Nintendo video games, although different entries within the franchise differ in tone. The unique recreation, developed by Monolith Delicate, begins with a reasonably emotional plot twist when Shulk’s childhood pal Fiora is killed by the Confronted Mechon, often called Metallic Face, throughout a raid on Colony 9, marking him as one of many recreation’s principal antagonists.

Ultimately, it is revealed that the human behind Metallic Face is Mumkhar, who’s launched at first of Xenoblade Chronicles as an ally of Dunban, who’s presumably killed within the Battle of Sword Valley. Because it seems, Mumkhar is pushed by his jealousy over Dunban, and later Shulk, for possessing the Monado, which is kind of a petty excuse to turn into a murderous Mechon.

1 Porky Minch

As If It Cannot Get Worse Than An Indignant Neighbor

Mother 3 Porky

Mom 3

April 20, 2006

Brownie Brown, HAL Laboratory

By far the darkest character in any Nintendo recreation is Porky (or Pokey, relying on the interpretation), one of many antagonists within the SNES recreation Earthbound, in addition to the Recreation Boy Advance sequel Mom 3. Porky initially seems to be Ness’ impolite neighbor in Onett, although so much is darkish about his residence life; his father is an abusive mortgage shark intimidating Ness’ household.

From there, Porky goes down a darkish path, initially becoming a member of the Blissful Happyist cult and later changing into the right-hand man to the evil entity often called Giygas. Porky later escapes the ultimate battle till he reappears in Mom 3, working a big spider mecha and ruling over the corrupt New Pork Metropolis, doomed to stay eternally inside his Completely Secure Capsule.


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