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Characters With The Most Cursed Power



  • Cursed Power is the first energy supply on this planet of Jujutsu Kaisen, fueled by destructive feelings.
  • Whereas not everybody can use Cursed Power successfully, some characters possess immeasurable ranges of it.
  • Having greater ranges of Cursed Power doesn’t mechanically make one stronger, however it does present a bonus in fight, particularly in opposition to top-tier opponents.

Cursed Power is the first energy supply on this planet of Jujutsu Kaisen. This energy is fueled by destructive feelings equivalent to grief, unhappiness, ache, or anger. Since all people have skilled this sooner or later of their lives, everybody in Jujutsu Kaisen has the ability of Cursed Power.


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Nonetheless, not everybody is ready to carry it forth and use it in fight successfully. There are some characters who’ve astounding quantities of Cursed Power inside themselves, nevertheless, just a few can stand on the high as ones with immeasurable ranges of it. That stated, it should be famous that having greater ranges of Cursed Power doesn’t mechanically make one stronger.

Up to date on January 11, 2024, by Rei Penber: Cursed Power is important for the overwhelming majority of the sorcerers to achieve the JJK World. Whereas there are those that have excelled with out even possessing any curse power, the overwhelming majority want this energy to make a reputation for themselves. Whereas huge power reserves do not essentially imply that this person is stronger, the extra cursed power one has, the higher geared up they’re to proceed preventing, particularly in opposition to the highest tiers of the world. Whereas this listing already goes over a few of the customers with the best quantity of cursed power in JJK, there are others who need to be added to the listing and, with that, this listing has now been up to date.

15 Kokichi Muta

Cursed Approach: Puppet Manipulation

Kokichi Muta in Jujutsu Kaisen

Kokichi Muta is a personality that followers have been launched to within the very first season of Jujutsu Kaisen. This character possesses a really frail physique, nevertheless, via a Heavenly Restriction, he obtained immeasurable ranges of Cursed Power as an alternative.

His Cursed Power might be felt throughout Japan and that in itself is a sign that he possesses great quantities of it. He might simply possess sufficient cursed power to match the output of the Particular Grades.

14 Jogo

Cursed Approach: Catastrophe Flames

Jogo in Jujutsu Kaisen

Jogo is a particular grade curse that followers noticed within the preliminary arcs of Jujutsu Kaisen. The character was extremely harmful and possessed tremendously highly effective pyrokinetic talents. Jogo even had entry to Area Enlargement, referred to as Coffin of the Iron Mountain, which followers witnessed within the first season of the present.

Even for a Particular Grade, he possessed an incredible quantity of cursed power and it was stated to be equal to round 9 of Sukuna’s fingers.

13 Suguru Geto

Cursed Approach: Cursed Spirit Manipulation

Menacing Suguru Geto Jujutsu Kaisen

Followers know Suguru to be an distinctive person of cursed power. Moreover, his understanding of cursed power can be extremely distinctive. He can management 1000’s of curses on the identical time and even imbue his power in weapons, as followers have seen on earlier events throughout his conflict in opposition to the various characters he fought, equivalent to Yuta.

Suguru won’t possess as a lot cursed power as Satoru, nevertheless, he’s nonetheless an immense person of this energy and one that’s to be feared.

12 Mahito

Cursed Approach: Idle Transfiguration


Mahito is a Particular Grade Curse and among the many strongest characters seen in Jujutsu Kaisen. Mahito was born out of people’ hatred for one another, or so he believes, and as a Particular Grade curse, he’s distinctive. Mahito possesses extremely excessive reserves of Cursed Power, no less than greater than three of Sukuna’s fingers.

Even Nanami knew that preventing till his Cursed Power ran out was not a really perfect possibility. Mahito used his cursed power in varied methods to change the souls and, due to this fact, the our bodies of his targets.

11 Kenjaku

Cursed Approach: Mind Hopping

Kenjaku Jujutsu kaisen 236

Kenjaku is an historical sorcerer who has continued to dwell for round a thousand years. His understanding of Cursed Power and all issues associated to it’s immense and his information is kind of possible the best on this planet of Jujutsu Kaisen.


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Kenjaku possesses immense cursed power ranges and followers have seen him manifest these powers on fairly just a few events. It’s via these powers that he has come to be as feared as he’s proper now.

10 Ryu Ishigori

Cursed Approach: Cursed Power Discharge

Ryu Ishigori Jujutsu kaisen

A Sorcerer from 400 years in the past introduced forth by Kenjaku, Ryu Ishigori is a personality with an immense quantity of cursed power. In actual fact, he’s outright stated to have possessed extra cursed power than the overwhelming majority of the sorcerers seen within the story.

What’s extra, his output of Cursed Power is essentially the most that Kenjaku has ever recorded. Ryu Ishigori is definitely among the many characters with the best quantity of cursed power in Jujutsu Kaisen.

9 Dagon

Cursed Approach: Catastrophe Tides

Dagon Death Swarm Jujutsu Kaisen

Dagon was one of many Catastrophe Curses who followers noticed rather a lot in the course of the occasions of Shibuya and previous to them as properly. He absolutely advanced in the course of the Shibuya Incident arc, the place his energy was placed on show by the creator. He was robust sufficient to tackle a group of Maki, Megumi, Nanami, and Naobito without delay and that simply goes to point out how robust he was.

Even in opposition to the Sorcerers, he was the dominant one within the battle and far of that was all the way down to the immense quantity of cursed power that he possessed. He might even use his Area Enlargement and make the most of unimaginable quantities of highly effective marine-based strategies there. When in comparison with even common Particular Grades, he was in a league of his personal.

8 Hanami

Cursed Approach: Catastrophe Vegetation

hanami jujutsu kaisen

One other one of many Catastrophe Curses, Hanami possessed unimaginable quantities of curse power as properly. Hanami was first seen once they attacked the Tokyo Goodwill Occasion and determined to battle in opposition to a number of sorcerers. They have been in a position to fully overwhelm the group of scholars and, finally, Yuji and Todo stood of their path. Even in opposition to these two highly effective sorcerers, Hanami barely flinched. In actual fact, they have been rising by way of energy as this battle continued since they have been gaining battle expertise.

In terms of cursed power, theirs was nearly bottomless and far larger than each Yuji and Todo mixed. Whereas their cursed power reserves weren’t as nice as that of Jogo, they have been nonetheless very spectacular.

7 Hajime Kashimo

Cursed Approach: Genju Kohaku


Hajime Kashimo has numerous curse power as properly. For a sorcerer who was feared everywhere in the world 400 years in the past, that is one thing that followers would anticipate. Kashimo was robust sufficient to supply a correct battle to Kinji Hakari with out even using his cursed method.

Within the battle in opposition to Sukuna, he relied on his cursed method, Genju Kohaku, and this system was robust sufficient to push Sukuna into his reincarnated type. In terms of Cursed Power, he definitely doesn’t have essentially the most and even corresponding to the highest tiers, nevertheless, it’s nonetheless a lot a lot larger than that of a median sorcerer.

6 Yuki Tsukumo

Cursed Approach: Star Rage

Yuki Tsukumo Star Rage Jujutsu Kaisen - Featured

Yuki Tsukumo is likely one of the solely 4 particular grade sorcerers that followers have seen in JJK to date. The truth that she made it to Particular Grade in itself is proof that she possesses unimaginable quantities of cursed power. Yuki was in a position to battle in opposition to somebody like Kenjaku and dominate him, which is a testomony to her energy. In actual fact, to win in opposition to Yuki, the creator needed to make Kenjaku use some very questionable means which may nearly be attributed to very handy writing.

By way of energy, Yuki might solely be bested by a handful of fighters such because the likes of Gojo and Sukuna. In terms of cursed power, she had great quantities up her sleeve which couldn’t be matched by many. It’s unhappy that she didn’t get to play a much bigger half within the story and, if she had, followers would have a greater concept of how robust she was as a result of she didn’t even get an opportunity to make the most of her Area Enlargement.

5 Kinji Hakari

Cursed Approach: Personal Pure Love Practice

jujutsu kaisen hakari

Kinji Hakari is a personality with some of the unimaginable talents in JJK, and in relation to cursed power, he probably has essentially the most. That is all the way down to his cursed method which he makes use of primarily via his area growth, Idle Dying Gamble. Basically, this pachinko-themed Area Enlargement provides him the chance to luck out and, if he does, he good points infinite cursed power for 4 minutes and 11 seconds.

On the identical time, any injury he sustains throughout this time additionally will get healed mechanically. What’s extra, since this refills his cursed power, he can then make the most of his Area Enlargement once more and luck out as soon as once more, this time, with even higher odds. Basically, he cannot change into somebody with infinite cursed power so long as he retains lucking out and, most of the time, he all the time does.

4 Satoru Gojo

Cursed Approach: Limitless

Gojo's awakening

Satoru Gojo is likely one of the most beloved characters on this planet of Jujutsu Kaisen and in addition the strongest of all time, solely being rivaled by Sukuna. Satoru possesses an immense quantity of cursed power, more likely to be among the many highest seen in your complete sequence.

Moreover, he’s additionally geared up with Six Eyes and this enables him to make use of his Cursed Power much more effectively, making it appear as if he has infinite quantities of it. He’s exceptionally highly effective and has nice reserves of cursed power, which solely provides to his strengths.

3 Yuta Okkotsu

Cursed Approach: Copy

yuta-okkotsu-jujutsu-kaisen-0 Cropped

Yuta is a personality with great quantities of Cursed Power inside himself and far of it’s all the way down to Rika. Because of their connection, Yuta was in a position to entry her Cursed Power in full and even replenish his personal at an impossibly quick charge.

Even after the spirit of Rika handed, Yuta carries the cursed power inside himself. His degree of cursed power has beforehand been referred to as bottomless and it’s believed to be far larger than that of Satoru Gojo.

2 Rika

Cursed Approach: N/A

rika jujutsu kaisen

Rika is a robust curse that was created by none aside from Yuta. Her powers are so immense that Suguru christened her to be the Queen of Curses. Rika possesses almost infinite quantities of cursed power, sufficient to overwhelm anybody in your complete sequence.

Her powers are nigh unstoppable and even the strongest in your complete historical past would have hassle coping with the huge quantities of cursed power she possesses.

1 Sukuna

Cursed Approach: Unknown


The King of Curses, Sukuna is the strongest of his personal period and remains to be feared on this planet of Jujutsu Kaisen. As a sorcerer, Sukuna is the entire bundle, able to rivaling even Satoru Gojo. Nonetheless, in relation to cursed power, he far surpasses even Satoru Gojo.

In actual fact, Sukuna possesses way more cursed power than even Yuta, who himself is confirmed to have extra cursed power than Gojo. In line with Yuta, Sukuna has no less than twice or extra occasions as a lot Cursed Power as him, and that is simply one other one of many many the explanation why he’s believed to be the King of Curses.

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