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Baldur’s Gate 3: Greatest Acid Spells



  • Acid spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 supply quite a lot of choices for spellcasters, together with ranged assaults, weapon enhancements, and area-of-effect spells.
  • Acid can decrease the armor class of creatures standing in acid swimming pools, making it a useful gizmo for decreasing enemy defenses.
  • Acid spells akin to Chromatic Orb and Elemental Weapon supply versatility in injury sorts and might be efficient towards enemies immune to different kinds of injury.

Out of all of the injury sorts accessible in Baldur’s Gate 3, acid is underrepresented in relation to spells. Nevertheless, they’re on the market and supply as a lot selection to spellcasters as the extra widespread injury sorts. Various from ranged spell assaults to weapon enhancements and even area-of-effect spells, acid is usually a corrosive device so as to add to a spellcaster’s repertoire.


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On high of delivering sickly inexperienced injury to a participant’s enemies, acid has one other distinctive impact when creatures stand in swimming pools of it. A creature coated in acid can have its armor class diminished by two, as long as it stays coated within the stuff. With so restricted choices, it may be robust to work out which of the acid spells inside Baldur’s Gate 3 are price using, however some stand out and are effectively price making ready.

Up to date January 22, 2024, by Nyah Payne: In 2023, Baldur’s Gate 3 cemented its place as a pivotal entry in gaming historical past. They swept the 2023 Sport Awards, together with successful the celebrated Sport of the 12 months award, however nonetheless continued so as to add new options to the already beloved RPG. They introduced the sport to Xbox Collection X/S, added new epilogue content material, and launched a brand new hardest problem, Honour Mode, which challenges gamers to finish the sport with out getting a ‘recreation over’. Whereas acid spells are nonetheless missing some love, these are the 5 that spellcasting gamers ought to pay attention to!

5 Acid Splash

Harm Dealing Space Of Impact Cantrip

Baldur's Gate 3, Black Dragonborn Targets Imp With Acid Splash

  • Degree: Cantrip
  • Harm: 1d6 Acid
  • College: Conjuration
  • Casting Time: Motion
  • Vary: 18m

It can come as no shock {that a} cantrip is among the weaker acid spells. Nevertheless, Acid Splash may even battle to face up alongside stronger damage-dealing cantrips, like superstars Fireplace Bolt and Eldritch Blast. The primary cause for selecting Acid Splash over the stronger injury sellers is that Acid Splash can have an effect on a number of creatures, so long as they’re standing shut sufficient collectively. Regardless of that constructive, Acid Splash nonetheless has some main drawbacks.

Firstly, the small space of impact signifies that gamers are too usually restricted on which enemies they will goal with out additionally splashing acid on their allies. Secondly, Acid Splash solely offers injury to targets that fail a dexterity saving throw. On successful, the spell has no impact. Acid Splash is a conjuration spell with an eighteen-meter vary, accessible to sorcerers, wizards, and eldritch knight fighters. However gamers will typically discover extra dependable cantrips to make use of for dealing injury.

4 Chromatic Orb

Select Acid To Decrease Enemy AC

Baldur's Gate 3, Devil Covered In Acid From Chromatic Orb Spell

  • Degree: 1
  • Harm: 2d8 Acid
  • College: Evocation
  • Casting Time: Motion
  • Vary: 18m

Chromatic Orb is a first-level spell from the evocation college that actually shines for its versatility. Much like Acid Splash, Chromatic Orb is a ranged spell assault with a distance of eighteen meters and a small two-meter radius space of impact. Earlier than gamers forged it, nevertheless, they will select the injury kind, and acid is among the choices. This makes Chromatic Orb good for overcoming an enemy’s resistance to particular injury sorts.


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The acid model of the spell creates an acid floor that may decrease the armor class of any creature standing in it by two. Whereas Chromatic Orb is a superb spell in some circumstances, it may well endure from related drawbacks. It may be laborious to keep away from getting allies within the crossfire, and it is not the best spell for dealing injury. Chromatic Orb is out there to sorcerers, wizards, eldritch knight fighters, and arcane trickster rogues, in addition to bards with Magical Secrets and techniques.

3 Elemental Weapon

Paladin Spell Improves Martial Effectiveness

Baldur's Gate 3, Player Character Casting Elemental Weapon, Acid, Near Volo

  • Degree: 3
  • Harm: +1d4 Acid
  • College: Transmutation
  • Casting Time: Motion
  • Vary: Melee

A spell particular to paladins, Elemental Weapon will not be probably the most dramatic spell, however it would not should be. Paladins are primarily a martial class, with some spellcasting choices accessible, usually to enhance their martial effectiveness. Elemental Weapon is the proper instance of this.


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The extent three transmutation spell imbues a weapon with the participant’s selection of elemental energy, acid being considered one of them. This provides it the identical versatility as Chromatic Orb. The weapon beneficial properties a +1 bonus to assault rolls and offers an additional 1d4 injury, whichever kind the participant chosen. It’s a very helpful distinctive spell for paladins.

2 Melf’s Acid Arrow

One Of The Highest Harm Dealing Acid Spells

Baldur's Gate 3, Gale Casts Melf's Acid Arrow On Gnoll

  • Degree: 2
  • Harm: 4d4 Acid + 2d4 Acid (Delayed)
  • College: Evocation
  • Casting Time: Motion
  • Vary: 18m

One other unique spell, Melf’s Acid Arrow is solely accessible to wizards. It ranks so extremely as a result of it is among the highest damage-dealing acid spells accessible. It’s a degree two evocation spell assault with a spread of eighteen meters, and it offers a whole lot of injury on its preliminary hit, with targets nonetheless taking half the injury if the assault misses.

If the assault is efficiently hit, the goal will take all of the preliminary injury, and an additional quantity of injury on the finish of their flip. On high of the massive injury, the assault leaves a pool of acid on the bottom, which additionally decreases the armor class of these standing in it by two.

1 Starvation Of Hadar

Highly effective Spell For Crowd Management

Baldur's Gate 3, Shadow Cursed Creatures In Hunger Of Hadar Cloud

  • Degree: 3
  • Harm: 2d6 Chilly + 2d6 Acid (Conditional)
  • College: Conjuration
  • Casting Time: Motion
  • Vary: 18m

The very best-ranking acid spell additionally shares the glory with chilly injury. Starvation Of Hadar is a degree three conjuration spell, primarily for warlocks, though bards can get their arms on it by their Magical Secrets and techniques. It’s a highly effective spell and, even higher, it actually seems prefer it too! Befitting warlocks, Starvation Of Hadar conjures an enormous darkish cloud full of eldritch horrors. It will probably cowl a big space and acts as troublesome terrain, which means enemies can have a tough time traversing the cloud.

Creatures will take a considerable amount of chilly injury once they begin their flip within the cloud, and may doubtlessly take a considerable amount of acid injury in the event that they finish their flip within the cloud and fail a dexterity saving throw. If the injury and troublesome terrain weren’t sufficient, creatures inside are blinded. Starvation Of Hadar is an unbelievable spell for coping with giant teams of enemies and controlling the area, and any spellcaster prepared to cope with a couple of eldritch abominations ought to add it to their spell listing.


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